What language is used for instruction in AME classes in each program?

  • English for international standards, but you can also choose Indonesian or Japanese for all programs.

Can I contact AME Art and Education outside business hours?

  • Yes, We will be at your service 24 hours and 7 days a week. Keep in touch with us.

How does AME conduct online classes?

  • We conduct online classes interactively, usually with Zoom or Google Meet, at the request of the school. Students can communicate directly with the instructor in the classroom.

Can you guarantee the safety of the children in the classroom?

  • Yes, we have been established since 2015 to work professionally with many International Schools, both offline and online. Apart from being class supervisors, the AME academic team will also be present as class supervisors, and of course school PICs can also join the class.

What about student database security?

  • Protecting all of our students is a top priority for us. As an experienced professional educational institution, we guarantee the safety of the database of all students who participate in our activities.

Is the schedule based on Indonesian National Holidays?

  • No, our schedule will be based on your schedule. So don’t hesitate to cooperate with us.

What if we have a different time zone to AME Art, will the schedule run according to our time?

  • Yes, we can arrange the schedule to run according to your country’s time. Our professional team will be happy to serve you.

Does the AME service reach my location?

  • Yes, our online school activity services can reach all over the world and we are ready to serve you. For offline school activity services, please contact our marketing at +62 858-1756-1500 .

What if we run into a technical problem?

What if we are interested in working with AME, and can we get a complete quote at a price?

  • You can click the CLICK HERE button below, please fill out the form, our team will contact you via email with a complete proposal.