Welcome to AME World

    As the best non formal education institution that focuses on organizing extracurricular activities in schools, we strive to always provide the top quality with a more measurable development of student abilities. Our goal is to make a more creative next generation to make more advance world in the future.

    That is why more and more schools join us everyday to become our trusted partners in spreading creativity throughout  the world. Based in Indonesia, AME Art & Education has begun to shine brightly in the region and continue our mission worldwidely with the best online services and learning methods.

Why creativity? Isn’t STEM more important?

    Yes, absolutely. STEM is very important. But remember, knowing laws of physics and science is not the final goal. Only understand the technology is not enough, our next generation needs creativity to build more and more advance technology in the future. We don’t want them only as a user of some existing technology right? In the world full of inventions and developments they have to be the ones leading.

     And as an institution trusted by many schools, we also come directly to students with direct class courses, private lessons, and workshops, so we can reach everyone who is not a part of any of our school partners. In addition, we also build infrastructure that provides convenience and completeness for students to make learning activities more smoothly and enjoyable. 

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Innovates New Worlds With Creativity

    By spreading creativity as widely as possible, AME Art will invite people to innovate in their respective individual worlds, become strong individuals, independent of what already exists, dare to create something new or complement the existing one. 

    This is what in time will be integrated into a global society that is futuristic and technologically advanced, but does not lose its identity and remains friendly in the family.

Let's build the builders of our future!!!

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Message From Ame Chan

    As everyone on planet earth enters a new era of technology, we have to prepare our next generation for a whole different way of life in the future. Our children will live a life in a world full of inventions and advance technology. That is why creativity will become the next top priority besides the knowledge of science they learn from their formal education in school.

    In the same time, they still have to know who they are, their roots of culture, their nationality, so they can live as one with many people with different culture and nationalities. That’s why it’s also important

to learn cultures from different origins. Believe me, you don’t want your next generation to loose their identity, like the people of my planet, the Planet Cai. Technology is so advanced there, but then the time has come for it to destroy our humanity and the planet itself.

    That’s why I, Ame Chan, with everyone in AME Art & Education is encouraging our students to develop their creativities with knowledge of different cultures, traditional and modern, also to enrich them with knowledge of different ways of life, to give them the attitude of construct with no destruction.

Learn From the Best!!!

    Indonesia is also known to have many excellent artists, such as comic artists, animators, and others who collaborate with world-class entertainment industries, such as DC Comics, Marvel, Star Wars Franchise, and many more.

    At AME Art, we have dozens of professional instructors spread throughout Indonesia who are the best in their respective fields, ready to share knowledge for the formation of future generations who are ready to build a world that is advanced and futuristic.