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Our Big Family

Here in AME Art & Education we have professionals in their fields, world class professionals, people who has worked with top national and international companies, graduates from top universities from inside and outside the country, and many more who want to share their knowledge and spread creativity to the world.

    In AME Art, we have dozens of professional instructors spread throughout Indonesia and other countries who are the best in their respective fields, ready to share knowledge for the formation of future generations who are ready to build a world that is advanced and futuristic.

  AME Art and Education has a very wide reach and opens opportunities for young professionals from any countries with special skills as teaching staff (AME Instructor) for Extracurricular activities (after school activity), Private Lessons, Online Classes and Workshops both online and offline in their respective areas. respectively.

Join CAREER IN Our Big Family

    Join our cause and become a pioneer in spreading creativity throughout the world to help our next generation to be leaders in shaping the future! If you have exceptional skills in our 20 elective learning programs and can teach, you can apply and be a part of our big family. Almost all schools in our main cities have started offline learning. You can get ready for face to face teaching in those schools on site. Or if you live outside the areas of our main cities, you can teach online with our specially designed online teaching method from anywhere in the world to teach students from anywhere in the world. Wherever you are, from any city, any country, if you think that you have what it takes just click the button below and apply to us.

    Or.. if you think you got what it takes to handle management, we also need gifted and reliable people to help us manage learning activities day by day in our offices. LET’S BUILD OUR FUTURE TOGETHER!!!