AME Art & Education

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To spread creativity to the world, AME Art & Education has wonderful products that will help everyone to take small steps needed to be the one big dream of ours. So please enjoy our products and let our next generation become more creative and innovative to build and rule our future world

Our Products

    As our dream of our future generation and future world is so big it is never enough with only one type of product. That is why we have service products and completed by goods products to accomplish our vision and mission in the future.

Service products

    Our service products include school activities that will take a partnership from schools to directly bring the lesson to their students, online or offline. Aside from that we also have course classes, private lessons, and even workshops to let everyone outside our school partner has the experience of our massive and unique teachings to sharpen their skills and creativities.

     We are very convinced and firmed that besides formal knowledge from school, our next generations need creativity to process the knowledge they get from school including knowledge of STEM to make innovations to keep advancing the world and be the leaders of the future civilization. We don’t want our descendants to be stuck as oppressed workers while the world and everyone else keep progressing right?

Goods products

To help our students in learning we also have goods products such as guide book and other kind of books. And also tools and supplies to make learning more fun and easy. AME Books is our own publisher for our books while AME Shops provides tools and supplies, and also serve as the distributor for the books.