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Let the specialist handle it for you!!! Since the beginning of establishment in 2015 AME Art & Education has been specialized in organizing wide variations of ASA, CCA or any kind of extracurricular activities in many international and private schools with many elective learning programs. And not only that, AME Art & Education also known for excellence in organizing School Workshops for school events and School Holiday Programs such as Summer Classes and many other.

AME Extracurricular


    Nowadays, schools that offer more activities for their students outside of formal learning activities are proving to be more attractive to parents. This is because many parents feel the need to prepare their children to master many fields and abilities so that they are better able to face future challenges in a world full of technological advances and increasingly connected globally.

     That is why almost all schools in all countries are competing to hold various kinds of extracurricular activities. In addition, the need to equip students with various additional knowledge in addition to school lessons is very urgent, considering that a very futuristic future is getting closer and closer.

    However, finding a qualified and trusted extracurricular activity teacher is not easy. Especially those who are able to teach fields that only a small number of people master, who are usually scattered in professional groups who have no desire to teach their specific skills to others. Moreover, when these activities finally begin to be organized by schools, problems will arise in coordinating the instructors one by one.

     To answer these problems, AME Art & Education is here to become a trusted partner with many instructors with special abilities and professionals in their fields, who are willing and able to provide good knowledge transfer to the students.


    As a company that focuses on organizing extracurricular activities in schools, we strive to always provide the best with a more measurable development of student abilities. That is why we have not only 5 or 10, but 20 elective learning programs to meet the need for various extracurricular activities in schools.

    Imagine you have 20 different extracurricular activities with only 1 organizer. Much more efficient than dealing with 20 institutions with 1 extracurricular program each, right? Think about how you can save time and effort on coordination and so on. Even if you just take a few of our programs and combine with additional from other institutions, it is still more efficient. 

    More than that, if you are a school group that has several campuses, and we are trusted as the organizer of extracurricular activities for the whole group, as a company we can arrange for a cross campus, where students of one campus can join classes on another campus.

    In addition, we also build infrastructure that provides convenience and completeness for students to make learning activities easier more fun.


    Every school wants to move forward and keep updating with skills that the students will need in the future, and even better with a stylish way.

    Every School Activity Manager needs to carefully choose providers that not only best suited with the students, but also very reliable and most trusted by dozens of international schools in the country. Selecting this kind of providers will be the best choice in the eyes of the school leaders and student’s parents.

    This situation is very good for the school because more and more students will come, not only for academic learning, but also for activities that will upgrade their talents in the fields of their interests.

    This way we can all work together to prepare our next generation with every skill and knowledge they need to take out challenge in the future world.

Best Student Artwork

  Students will get massive learning about the additional skills they need while still having fun. We also really encourage them to be creative and use their imaginations more confidently.

    It is very important to develop student’s ability not only in knowledge, but giving skill and experience to support student’s growth.

 That’s why we publish our student’s artworks in our website and fanpage, and choose the very best student artworks among them, so they will keep do their best.

    And we also have competitions to keep the student’s spirit to be the best.

    So if you are interested in working with us for your ASA, CCA or any kind of School Extracurricular Activities, you can click the CLICK HERE button below, please fill out the form, our team will be happy to contact you via email with a complete proposal.

In order to help make “learn from home” activities successful during this pandemic, AME also organizes interactive online services internationally to help schools both at home and abroad in conducting non-formal education as a provision of special skills for students that will be very useful in the future.

Later, after the pandemic period ends, these interactive international online extracurricular activities will continue to exist and can continue to be accessed by schools from any country around the world.

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AME School Workshops

For School Events

    All 20 elective learning programs are ready and available in online or offline services to brighten up and enliven your school event and take it to the next level. With the unique interactive teaching method of AME which applies a solid and clear implementation for school workshops or seminars, that is very educative and informative, and yet still super fun for students.

    Thus, students will get to experience school events that are so lively and fun, as well as go home with new knowledge that will open their horizons to learn new things for the future.

    You can choose which of these learning programs, that is the most suitable, and make it completely customizable to be relevant to the theme of your school event.

    So if you are interested in working with to organize a workshop or seminar for your school events, please click the CLICK HERE button below, please fill out the form, our team will gladly contact you to make some arrangements .

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School Holiday Classes

Holiday Programs

    So if you decided to provide more activities for your students so they can use their holiday for something good and useful, we are also ready with our fun learning programs to make the school holiday a really happy and memorable time, with experience of fun learning.

    Summer Classes, or other holiday classes, our 20 elective learning programs are ready and available with very adjusted lessons for holiday situations, so the students can still enjoy their times of holiday.

    So if you are interested in working with us for your your holiday programs, you can click the CLICK HERE button below, please fill out the form, our team will be happy to contact you via email with a complete proposal.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What language is used for instruction in AME classes in each program?

  + English for international standards, but you can also choose Indonesian or Japanese for all programs.
Can I contact AME Art and Education outside business hours?

  + Yes, We will be at your service 24 hours and 7 days a week. Keep in touch with us.
How does AME conduct online classes?

  + We conduct online classes interactively, usually with Zoom or Google Meet, at the request of the school. Students can communicate directly with the instructor in the classroom.
Can you guarantee the safety of the children in the classroom?

  + Yes, we have been established since 2015 to work professionally with many International Schools, both offline and online. Apart from being class supervisors, the AME academic team will also be present as class supervisors, and of course school PICs can also join the class.
What about student database security?

+  Protecting all of our students is a top priority for us. As an experienced professional educational institution, we guarantee the safety of the database of all students who participate in our activities.
Is the schedule based on Indonesian National Holidays?

  + No, our schedule will be based on your schedule. So don’t hesitate to cooperate with us.
What if we have a different time zone to AME Art, will the schedule run according to our time?

  + Yes, we can arrange the schedule to run according to your country’s time. Our professional team will be happy to serve you.
Does the AME service reach my location?

  + Yes, our online school activity services can reach all over the world and we are ready to serve you. For offline school activity services, please contact our marketing at +62 858-1756-1500 .
What if we run into a technical problem?

  + Feel free to call us anytime at +62 858-1756-1500 We are here to help.
What if we are interested in working with AME, and can we get a complete quote at a price?

  + You can click the CLICK HERE button below, please fill out the form, our team will contact you via email.

School Extracurricular

Holiday Classes

School Workshops

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