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AME Workshops is a type of interactive class that only happening once or several times in a certain period. Unlike AME School Activities the participants not always school students. College students and even adults can also participate.  Here we will  engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.

AME Workshops

AME Online Workshops

It is an AME product in the form of an interactive online workshops , which can be attended by anyone from anywhere in Indonesia and also students from different countries.

Week End Workshops

It is an AME product in the form of face-to-face workshops held every weekend with different themes. This service is also held around the cities in Indonesia

AME Workshop Groups

In AME Workshop Groups everyone can form a group and contact us to organize a special workshop event for them. The learning program can be customize to fit the event theme. Also you can make a children group, adults group or a mix group with a specific learning subject that you want to learn with your group. This is a fine opportunity for communities that want to learn more about their hobbies in online or offline interactive class, closed for their community only. And it is very easy. All you have to do is click the “Click Here” button below, fill in the form, and make the payment. We will handle the rest for you.

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AME Holiday Classes

In some occasions AME will have a series of classes for a certain period. We will learn a special learning materials in AME Learning Programs and focus to work on that. Unlike the School Holiday Classes, here the participants will register directly to AME and in online Holiday Classes participants will join in the class with other participants from different cities and sometimes different countries.

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(Starting June 2022)

AME Free Online Class

For some special occasions like our anniversary day or independence day we can have a very good chance to spread more creativity to everyone through Free Online Class. Keep follow our social medias so you won’t miss any chances like this.

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