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What Is AME Art & Education?

    AME Art & Education, or also known as AME Art Club is a non-formal educational institution in the field of arts and culture, which has many products and services in 20 elective learning programs, online and offline.
    The name ame itself in Japanese means rain, which means to provide refreshment in the fields of art and culture in the form of innovation and creativity.

    Until now, we have international standard products in the form of class courses, private courses, workshops, and School Activities in cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Denpasar, Malang, Depok, Bogor, Bekasi, Tangerang, and also available internationally, as well as providing essential goods for the implementation of activities, including the guide books.

Our Logo

    In the AME Art & Education logo, the orange color is like a sweet orange with a fresh sour taste. The red color symbolizes warmth and happiness. While the light blue 

color is like a vast sky. So these colors have a meaning, that what AME really wants is to give something fresh, where this will give happiness.

    Thus, it is hoped that AME can be a source of inspiration for all of us so that we can answer the world’s challenges with creativity as wide as the sky without limits.

Our Mascot

Ame Chan

    The AME mascot named Ame Chan, is a rain boy. Ame Chan was chosen to symbolize AME which means rain, and is depicted in the main form holding a brush as a painting tool that symbolizes the creativity that AME wants to develop with many forms of cultures known to the world.

    It is told that Ame Chan was sent from the planet Cai to study the culture on earth, as his identity and main capital to achieve progress in the future.


    As our second mascot Kintani represents our students. Choosing Kintani as a 9th grade student has a meaning that our learning programs in all our products are compatible to younger students, around primary one, until the older ones in senior high school. Even adults are more than welcome to study with us as our programs are customizable for adults too.

    It is told that Kintani is an earthling friend of Ame Chan that accompanies his adventure around the world and help him connect with people from different cultures.

With a global appearance, AME Art & Education instills creativity based on cultural values that always maintain the principle of equality in diversity.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

“Building a futuristic and innovative world with creativity”

Our Mission

“Spreading creativity to each person in building their own individual worlds, become a vessel and prospering, integrating the built up individual worlds into one advanced and innovative big world for all”

    Everyone has their own world. These little worlds make up our world together. That’s how AME Art works, through the smallest, starting from small steps, to getting bigger and finally global.

    Transmitting creativity in question is by sharing knowledge about ways of making creative results, or also by disseminating creative results, so that they can inspire many people.

    Thus, it is hoped that later on, everyone, starting from an early age, will hone their creativity, so that it is useful not only for works of art, but also for the development of more innovative technology, for the betterment of all of us.

Our Journey

A Brief Hystory of AME Art & Education


Seeing the importance of non formal education that will develope children’s creativity, Ame Art & Education was founded and started to organize extracurriculer activities in some schools. The name ame itself in Japanese means rain which means to provide refreshment in arts and cultures, mainly connected with entertainment industry, in the form of innovation and creativity.


Ame Matsuri 2016 and Ame Matsuri 2017 was being held to open up people’s mind and increase their awereness about the importance of a form of education that not only give knowledge, but also will develop student’s creativity.


The birth of Ame Shop, our shop that serves the needs of art tools, We also started to serve cities other than Jakarta, and started to run private lessons for students beside our school partner”s students.


The launch Ame Books first editions, birth of KSI (Kreasi Sekolah Indonesia) and This year we also started online services, eshtablishing our company nationally and internationally.


More schools from different countries are starting  to join us to spread creativity as much as possible to build our next more innovative generetions to rule the future world.